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3 variables that control our behavior

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How can I change my behavior? What steps should you take to break your bad habits? Before you tackle behavior change, you need to understand what it consists of. In the course of his research, BJ Fogg, research scientist and author of the bestselling book Tiny Habits, came to the conclusion that any behavior breaks down into three components and makes up the formula:

Behavior = Motivation + Ability + Trigger

Motivation is the desire to carry out the behavior.

Ability is the ability to carry out behavior.

A trigger is a signal to carry out a behavior.

For the action to take place, all three elements must be triggered at the same instant. Understanding these three elements can help you get rid of guilt about your lack of willpower and learn to model the desired behavior.

According to the author’s observations, people find it difficult to accept the idea that any behavior is decomposed into three elements. They believe that very complex behavior cannot fit into such a simple model and expect some kind of convoluted system. However, in reality, any behavior can be reduced to these three elements, both what is considered good and what is considered bad.

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