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5 facts and myths about goat milk bottle formula

5 facts and myths about goat milk bottle formula

Goat milk is becoming more and more popular, both for adults and in baby food. Every day more than 1.2 million children worldwide drink a bottle of formula based on goat’s milk. But why is goat’s milk a good basis for bottle formula? These are five facts and myths about bottle formula based on goat’s milk. Breastfeeding is simply the best way for a baby to get all the important nutrients it needs. But if you want to switch to bottle-feeding or decide to phase out breastfeeding, the goat milk-based formula is certainly a good choice. 

1. Worldwide goat milk is consumed more than cow milk

Fact! Although cow’s milk predominates in the Netherlands, worldwide there is traditionally more goat’s milk than cow’s milk consumed. Bottle formulas based on goat’s milk are becoming more and more popular, also among Dutch little tummies.

2. Bottle formula based on goat’s milk has a strong taste and odor

Myth! Some people expect formula based on goat’s milk to have a strong taste or smell, just like goat’s cheese. This is not the case. The smell and taste of goat cheese are caused by the fats it contains. In many goat milk formulas, these are replaced by a mix of vegetable oils. This makes the taste and smell of this formula comparable to a formula based on cow’s milk.

3. Goats give less milk than cows

Fact! On average, goats give between one and two liters of milk per day. A cow gives as much as 25 to 30 liters per day. This is one of the reasons why you often pay more for bottle formula based on goat milk.

4. Bottle milk based on goat’s milk has a mild taste

Fact! Bottle formula based on goat’s milk is mild and soft. This is because goat’s milk has a unique composition of proteins and fats. In addition, Dutch goat’s milk is a source of important nutrients. Think for instance of vitamin A, vitamin B2, proteins, fatty acids, and calcium. Calcium is for instance necessary for the maintenance of normal bones.

5. Goat milk formula contains too little folic acid

Myth! The naturally present quantity of folic acid in goat milk is supplemented in goat milk formula to meet the legal obligation of folic acid. So, you can take a deep breath and relax, you are fully assured that your baby gets enough folic acid.

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