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All you need to know about: Automatic number plate recognition

TheAutomatic Number Plate Recognition system, or ANPR to keep it short, is a specialised system that takes images of number plates from vehicles using an optical character recognition software. Obviously this sort of thing isn’t meant for personal use. Primarily, the ones who make use of this system are other businesses or companies or law enforcement. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about this traffic management system.

The uses of ANPR

For the parties that use the ANPR system, it has brought them tremendous benefits. Companies and/or businesses that use this technology tend to use it to be able to track and manage their parking lot regulations. When law enforcement tend to use this technology, however, it makes doing their job more efficient and simple. Law enforcement use the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system to be able to hunt down any wandering criminals and to try and locate vehicles that have been reported missing or stolen.

Due to the versatility of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, its uses can range from many different objectives. 

The Inner workings of ANPR

Because of how high-tech and practical the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system is, you may assume that the way it works is difficult to understand, but that is actually not the case!

The main components of the technology is a camera and the software system. The camera is in charge of capturing all the number plate information and the software is in charge of extracting that information and saving it to a database. 

There is a bit more to the inner workings of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. The optical character recognition software is also a very important component to this technology. This software is what is responsible for handling the registration plate data from the all of the images that the camera takes. All of these components are simple, but without each other this technology would not be what it is. Missing just one of those components would have the system lacking efficiency, flexibility, and more.