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Liebherr wine cabinet people mostly use in the UK in the search engines to find a Liebherr. You best buy at the expert in this field. In the UK is this according to the Cavepromotor. This in itself is not surprising, because this organization only Liebherr wine cabinets sells. If you compare this with other suppliers, then you see that Cavepromotor sells wine cabinets, but only by Liebherr. You can, of course, would say that would be a blunder when this company not the No. 1 would be in this area. In practice, this means that by giving the right advice incorrect choices. There are many model numbers in the Liebherr range that just only one letter or number differences. The error is made quickly, leaving you with a wine Cabinet is designed for a different purpose. This also applies to whether or not having an indoor lighting or supplied lava stones. It is Cavepromotor originated from the specialist in exclusive wines Wine promoter. By years to have observed how customers save wine, the decision was made to inform customers to go. This has meant that a solution had to be provided to customers who do not have a wine cellar. A wine Cabinet had to be offered, but what brand with a reliable service organization? After it was determined that the Liebherr had to be, several wine specialists trained and have a unique knowledge. They have full knowledge of the wines and wine cabinets. To get to know even better wine cabinets, the wine Cabinet specialists also have installation experience. In the beginning they all have many plants done, whereby they can tell exactly at what practical things you can. This is especially true for posting the by Cavepromotor included Vibration Reduction Blocks. These ensure that ambient vibrations are reduced before they can harm your favorite wines. By the vibrations continue to eliminate the wines are at rest, whereby they can mature and not unintentionally faster elderly. To be able to perfect the wine conditioning it is also very important that the humidity in the wine Cabinet is optimal, but how do you measure this? In the wine cabinets are no sensors that indicate what the humidity degree. That is why when you purchased a Liebherr wine Cabinet a digital hygrometer included. This gives a good indication of the relative humidity. And then the question what is too high or too low? This is explained to you by the wine Cabinet specialists of Cavepromotor and you know anymore? No problem there is a hand behind the service desk that provides you with the necessary information. Then you need to replace your Active carbon filter annually. In practice people forget to replace the filter in a timely manner. Also this problem is overcome by Cavepromotor. For this is the Filter Alert Service created. This reports annually that it is time to replace the filter and if you agree, the right type of filter. Pure ease, so you only need to replace the old filter and do not consider that you are using the correct filter. Cavepromotor shall ensure that it is delivered to the address indicated by you anywhere in Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom or United States.

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