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Feed additives and supplements with which you can reduce dietary cation-anion difference

Do you face with a calcium deficiency in your dairy cows? Then the feed additives and supplements from Kimtec International are an effective solution. This company comes up with innovative techniques to produce these supplements and additives because they spend a lot of time on research and development. Therefore, you can always count on the highest quality and state-of-the-art products when you cooperate with Kimtec International. With years of experience in improving the animal feed industry and a problem-solving attitude, this company provides you with innovative products that can reduce calcium deficiency. This can be realized by a reduction of dietary cation anion difference. Discover the products of this company and research developments on their website.

Why the reduction of a dietary cation anion difference is important

Reducing dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) has been proved an effective way to prevent milk fever in dairy cows. A temporary blood calcium deficiency, also known as hypocalcemia, usually occurs around the time of calving. It is one of the most problematic effects of calving and it must be prevented by feeding a typical dry cow ration, meaning an excess of cations towards anions. KatAn® is one of the high-quality products from Kimtec International that consists of potent and palatable anionic salts. These are developed especially to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows after calving. The positive dietary cation anion difference can lead to an alkaloid metabolic state.

Learn more about their products

This is just a brief version of the entire functioning of the feed additives from Kimtec International, that reduce a dietary cation anion difference and prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows. Do you want to know more about their products and research and development projects? And do you want to receive advice based on your situation? Do not hesitate to contact their specialists and ask your questions.