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A Liebherr wine fridge is an investment where you your self extremely happy. If you’re a wine lover at least and even though you’re not a wine lover, then you can your guests their wine at the correct temperature. Wine is throughout history often proposed as a nectar. And in fact this is also so. If you check how wine is made, with so much love that. Wine making is a passion. A winery that makes his wine with passion, this will also feel in the sale. It’s so incredibly important that what you do, you get it from your full conviction and with a lot of passion does. The result will always be good. And this is of course not only in wine making, the same also applies to but a very different example with shine. If you let shine the same room by two different persons; one person finds shine the most terrible that there is and the other likes to shine. Then you will clearly see the difference and you will clearly see who the shinehas done with passion and who has cleaned because it had to, if necessary. As winemaker you should already from the beginning of the process are committed to what you ultimately want to achieve. You have to love the land on which the vines. You have to love nature, the whole entourage where making the wine start. Too bad there is so much poison in the ground come in many places that this is at the expense of the quality of the wine grapes. There are more and more winemakers come to that yet more to the organic cultivation of the grapes want to return, so without workingwith pesticides and other types of poison to spray. So you’ve also got the biodynamic wine farmers.

They go one whole step further because they also take into account the phase of the Moon, for when to plant and harvest. This is ultimately the wine all for the better.A number of centuries ago life was largely determined by the position of the stars and the moon. Very disappointed that this for many of us now as zwerig and not stable. Here is the Christian Church for very much in between. The ordinary person was not too smart and was not allowed to know too much. That way they are going to write in and proclaim the holy books that astrology is something for the Gentiles among us. And they succeeded. If you’re in that time anyway with this sort of thing was working, you were soon labeled as witch and you came on the stake. A lot of knowledge was passed orally that way is lost and lost. Now you come there no more for at the stake, but you are still as weird and woolly views if you you. So also with winesis this so. But the biodynamic wines get yet more fame. And all good. You may be in the bio-shops nowadays all tasty buy natural wine. Many people are still attached tocertain expensive wineries, but the biodynamic wines are growing in brand recognition and will at some point be drunk by the conservative wine drinkers go. If you have a wine that you will find that it is a good wine can donate in a correct way, and I mean especially at a proper temperature, then the atmosphere right away ok. Your guests will ask you how you do this temperature can get. So you can purchase your your beautiful Liebherr wine cooler let admire. Believe me that your guests will be very jealous and almost definitely going to consider also such a beautiful wine Cabinet.

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