Natural firelighters: naturally!

When looking for firelighters, why choose natural ones? Well, the question should by, why not? They are just as cheap, burn just as well (or even better), and they do not pose a risk to peoples health. But of course you mainly choose for natural firelighters because they improve safety. Firelighters made by the specialist cause no chemical reactions during the combustion process because they are made from 100% renewable biological materials. Therefore they are non-explosive! Also, these firelighters ignite smoothly and have no ADR. Fire can be dangerous. Do you want to light up a stove, barbecue, fireplace or open fire in a safe way? Use natural firelighters made by a specialist like Fire-Up International.

The production of natural firelighters

The production of natural firelighters by Fire-Up International is safe, efficient and quick. All the reasons you need for placing your order right? Then you might want to know how these products are made. The natural firelighters by Fire-Up International are made from 100% renewable biological materials by a strong and skilled team that has an experience in this field of over 30 years. Innovation is key, so new production methods and new materials are always respected. Because of this, the firelighters are safe, environmental friendly and reliable. They are available in a wide range of sizes and packages. Therefore, you can always order the exact amount of firelighters you need.

Specialist offers a diverse range of products: natural firelighters, charcoal and briquettes

Ordering firelighters is all well and good, but why not take it to the next level? Fire-Up International has plenty more to offer! For example, briquettes are excellent for lightning up barbecues in the summer. And wood is eminently suited for heating stoves or fireplaces. When you want to do this, you will need the best products of high quality to do this in a safe and ecological way. The specialist can deliver different sorts of firelighters, briquettes, charcoal, oils, matches and wood. Where do you find such a specialist? Fire-Up International is the place to be.