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Simple ways to eat more vegetables

We all know that eating vegetables is good for your health. But we also know that we might not eat enough vegetables and we are eating too much processed food. It seems easy to eat more vegetables, but in our daily life it appears to be pretty difficult. In this article, you will read great tips to eat more vegetables throughout the day.

Vegetables at breakfast

Adding vegetables to your breakfast might be the hardest one. Lots of people like to eat something sweet for breakfast, so adding vegetables might be hard there. You could try making a healthy smoothie for breakfast with your favourite fruits, to still have the sweet taste. You can put all kinds of vegetables in this smoothie, that won’t interfere with the sweet taste of fruit. Spinach, avocado and kale are great for breakfast smoothies! When you do like a more savory breakfast, it might be easier to add some vegetables. You can add some onions, spinach and tomatoes to your scrambled eggs for example.

Vegetables at lunch

Adding more vegetables to your lunch shouldn’t be the hardest thing. The most popular option of course, is making a salad. Salads sound boring, but they’re not when you use the right ingredients. Use different kinds of lettuce, put some herbs in there, some protein and healthy fats and there you go; you have a delicious salad. When you don’t want to have a salad for lunch, there are more options to add vegetables. Make your favourite sandwich, but add vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Or switch it up and put all these delicious ingredients in a wrap!

Vegetables at dinner

Adding more vegetables to your dinner might be the easiest thing. Vegetables should cover half of your plate! Do you love mac and cheese? Grate some broccoli and mix it through your mac and cheese. You won’t taste the difference and you will eat a lot more veggies than usual! Loving pizza for dinner? Add some more vegetables as a topping or choose pizza with a vegetable crust! There are also many ways to swap your carbs for veggies. Use zucchini instead of pasta or cauliflower instead of rice.

Vegetables for snacking

Do you have an office job? Then most of you will find yourself snacking throughout the day. Don’t snack on crisps or cookies, but buy some cherry tomatoes or baby cucumbers. Delicious and healthy!