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What kind of cargo is transported by plane?

When products and goods need to be transported in a fast way, this is often done by plane. Airplanes have a large capacity and can quickly transport goods from one country to another. That is why in some cases it is more efficient to transport goods by plain, instead of per road or sea, as this is much more expensive. But in which cases it is more efficient to transport by plane and what kind of cargo is suitable for transport by plane? We would like to tell you more about this!


Transport duration

The biggest factor that determines whether goods have to be transported by air is the travel time. Many goods that are transported by train or truck often do not have to make very long journeys beyond 300 km. Suppose that goods have to be transported to other continents or first by sea and then by land, transporting them by plane is often more efficient. As a result, goods can be brought to their destination by plane faster. In the next paragraph we will tell you more about the different goods that can be transported by plane.


Goods and products

There are several goods and products that can be best transported by plane. First of all, this type of transport is commonly used for products that can spoil quickly. Think about food for example. Fruit and vegetables have a limited durability and therefore it is important that they are transported as quickly as possible, so that they arrive fresh at their destination. In addition, medicines are also transported by airplane. These products must be transported refrigerated and must also arrive at their destination as soon as possible.



Furthermore, transport by plane can be seen as a efficient form of transport. Air cargo is stored in special boxes, which can be referred to as Unit Load Device or ULD. These boxes are used for any type of cargo, from passenger suitcases to perishable goods and products. These ULD’s are designed in such way that the airplane space can be optimally arranged, and as many goods as possible can be taken on the flight. These boxes fill the entire air and ensure that no space is left over. Furthermore, the USD’s ensure that the cargo is transported safely and cost-effectively. All cargo can be placed into a single unit. This greatly increases the efficiency of transport by plane.