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What can be bought in a smartshop?

A smartshop is an increased popular kind of shop which specializes in the sale of psychoactive substances. Most of the products that are sold via a smartshop are plant based and natural. Within the Netherlands, you will find smartshops in the big cities, such as Amsterdam, but of course you can also use the internet to visit a smartshop when aiming to go for the real deal when hitting a nice evening. A smartshop often goes hand in hand with a headshop, which is a shop focused on the sale of attributes that might increase your experience when using the substances from the smartshop. A store that combines best of both worlds (and even more) is 24High.com; they have a smartshop, headshop, mushroom shop, CBD shop and even a vaporizer shop in one! 

Erotic themes

Within a smartshop you will most probably find a lot of different ‘themes’ where you can buy psychedelic substances for. An interesting topic is the erotic theme. Without the erotic theme of a smartshop you can buy regular attributes, such as condoms, but a smartshop goes beyond condoms in offering sexual products. You can look at the offerings in a smartshop when looking for more libido, an extended sexual time or when wanting to spice some things up. 

Relaxmode: ON

Within smartshops you will find lots of natural substances which can contribute to feeling more relaxed and less stressed. Within smartshops, you can find pills, capsules but also lotions! All the products have different results and effects, but eventually they all will help you get in a less tensed mood, thus go turn your relaxmode on! 

Vitamins and minerals

When you are aiming to use vitamin pills or supplements that go a little bit more out of the box than just the regular vitamin A up until Z from the local drug store, you should definitely look into the offerings of a smartshop! They offer a lot of different vitamin pills and supplements based on natural products, such as pills based on mushrooms, hennep oil, hop and valerian or carrots! You should definitely go check it out!