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What can the VAR do in a football game?

The use of Video Assistant Referees (VARs) is only permitted in the event that the competition/competition organizer meets all requirements of the VAR protocol (as described in the VAR manual) and has received written approval of IFAB and FIFA.

The referee is only assisted by a VAR in the case of an “obvious mistake” or a “seriously missed incident” in relation to:
– goal scored or not
– whether or not penalty kick
– direct red card (no second yellow card)
– when the referee has the wrong identity of the player on the team that committed the violation excludes or warns

The support of the VAR ensures repetition of the incident. The Referee makes the final decision which may only be based on
information from the VAR or on the referee directly watching the repetition (On field Review).

Except for a “seriously missed incident”, the referee shall (and if the case is also the other on-field officials) always make a decision (including the decision not to punish a possible violation); this decision is not modified unless it is an “obvious mistake”.

Reviews after the game was resumed
If play was interrupted and resumed, the referee may only ask for a review and take the appropriate disciplinary action for the
mistaken identity or for a possible exclusion in relation to violent behavior, spitting, biting or extremely aggressive, offensive and/or offensive gestures.

With the VAR it is even more important to have the best communication between a referee and his assistants. Check out a professional soccer referee radio headset to make sure you can always clearly communicate and make the right decisions.