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Why are there long term rentals and short term rentals in Aruba?

Aruba is a very beautiful island close to America, which makes it very attractive for many Americans to visit the island. The island is aimed at Americans, but of course also the Dutch. Aruba is the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is thereby owned by the Netherlands. The island therefore often has many Dutch visitors. However, the Dutch visitors are more there for long internships or long stays and work than for a company in Aruba. There are long term rentals on Aruba for these kinds of visitors. When you come to visit the island it is important that you know the difference between long term and short term. You can read that below. 

Long-term rentals

The long-term landlords prefer tenants who can confirm that they can stay in their house or apartment for a longer period of time. When you are looking for an apartment or house, it is also very important that you know in advance whether it is offered for a long or short term. If you are looking for a short-term rental, it is better to ignore all long-term rentals. This also makes the search a bit smaller and you find a matching house faster. If you are going to live in Aruba for 6 months or longer, you will therefore look for long term rentals.

Short term rentals

The short term rentals are mainly booked by people who do not stay longer than two weeks. These are often just vacationers. It is of course very easy to stay in a hotel or all-inclusive resort, but in Aruba it is very pricey. For short term rentals it is better to search on Airbnb or on real estate websites. The real estate agencies can also help you very well when looking for a short term rental.